How to Build Your Own Business Website Free


When thinking about how to build your own business website for free there are some options like: building it yourself using third-party platforms, partnering with a developer, partnering with a marketing agency. Some lower cost options can be paying a freelancer, using a template or paying a web development agency. Here we’ll go over each option pro’s and con’s. 

In today’s business landscape not having a website can be detrimental for your business. As Microsoft Founder Bill Gates simply put it  “If your Business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”.

And what is hindering many business owners efforts to have their website is usually time and money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here we bring you some solutions on How to Build Your Own Business Website for Free. 

Option 1: Building your Website Yourself 

They are many third party platforms out there like Weebly, Wix, or many others that allow you to create your own website for Free. 

The Free options for all of these platforms won’t allow you to have your own domain (Example: instead you’ll have or whatever platform you use domain. 

They might as well limit the capabilities of your website, and what you can add to these. You can always have the option to pay a monthly-fee to access their premium offering or do business under your domain name. 

If you are thinking of having an e-commerce website, which is a website that sell products or services within the site, some better options can be Shopify but it costs you $30 monthly. You can still use Weebly and Wix to build your e-commerce at no charge but Shopify ecommerce capabilities are very superior. 

Taking into consideration that while many of these options do offer Free options, you have to still pay for the servers or domain. 

The server is where your website is hosted and without this your site won’t be able to go live. Many of these platforms already offer hosting. 

The domain is the name you want your website to have (Example: You can buy these within the platforms or at GoDaddy or Name


  1. It is a very inexpensive option
  2. You can always upgrade whenever you want
  3. It is relatively easy to use this platforms
  4. These platforms are robust enough so you can have a presentable website
  5. It allows you to have a running website in little time


  1. Your site follows a predetermined design 
  2. It is very time consuming to create yourself
  3. It can hurt your brand image not having your full domain
  4. If not done correctly your business can lose credibility
  5. Certain knowledge is needed in order to produce a good website

Tip: If you decide to follow through with doing the website yourself, in our blog “10 Steps on How To Make a Good Website” you’ll be able to find all the resources you need to make a killer website yourself. 

Option 2: Partnering with a Developer

If you decide you don’t have time to spare and these platforms resulted in being too complicated the next “Free” option would be to partner with a web developer. The key is finding a developer who is not only experienced, but trustworthy. 

Many webmasters often accept these kinds of deals, in fact we see them all the time. Each deal is structured different but some deal options are:

Offer him a percentage of your online business

This option will guarantee you to have a good functional website, and he’ll probably want to make it as best as possible (because he has a lot to win). You will probably have to pitch your business idea to him to see whether he accepts or not. Try showing some projections to make the offer more interesting for him. Remember to be cautious about how much equity you offer because this can later come to hunt you down in the road, because beyond paying for his services you are partnering with him. Here is a useful TechCrunch blog on offering equity to employees. 


  1. Depending on the skills of the developer, you will most likely end with a good website. 
  2. You will have someone on the long-term who will continue to manage and improve your website. 


  1. Sometimes equity can be more valuable than any currency. Specially when creating a good website can be done for less. 
  2. If the relationship flounders you might end-up losing the website and all the process.
  3. Finding the right partner can be time-consuming and hard. 

Offer him a fixed percentage of Profits

This option will offer the web developer a fixed percentage of profits. Make sure the percentage is out of profits and not sales, because within the growth of the website you will most likely encounter some expenses like maintenance, servers, personnel and marketing efforts. Giving him a percentage of profits will ensure the website will continue to operate and grow. 


  1. Depending on the skills of the developer, you will most likely end with a good website. 
  2. You won’t compromise equity of the business. 
  3. You will remain with complete controlling power over the website. 


  1. In the long-term a profit percentage can damage what you end up making out of the website. 
  2. This can make investors lose interest in the future. 

Work a payment plan

Under this option, the web developer will quote you the price on full of the website. With this you’ll be able to work with the developer on a payment plan, either from the profits or sales of the website (until paid in full) or monthly fees that you deem adequate. 


  1. You don't compromise equity nor profits in the long run. 
  2. It’s the best solution for your bucks.


  1. Chances of the web developer accepting are low.
  2. If the site underperforms you’ll be left with debt. 

Option 3: Partnering with a Marketing Agency

At Zaperoco Media we have partnered with many e-commerce to create their websites and run their marketing. What we’ve found is that we end-up offering a lot more value beyond our capabilities because we are interested in the success of the company ourselves. Apart from the web development and marketing we help improve the business model and maximize return on investment. Each deal is structured differently, but in most cases what we do is take a percentage of profits from the website sales. 


  1. More than a website, you have an entire team of marketers and designers to work with. 
  2. You begin converting sales faster than doing it on yourself. 
  3. Contracts are typically 1-year base, which assures you after 1-year not more shared profits. And you end up with an amazing functional website.
  4. Marketing agencies with a web development department offer more capabilities a single web developer has. 


  1. You are sharing part of your profit at the beginning. 
  2. Finding the right marketing agency can be a time consuming process. 

Option 4: Using a Template (Low Cost)

You can always buy a template at Theme Forest or other template sites and basically make the website yourself using WordPress or HTML. Templates are not very expensive, and Youtube can basically guide you on how to upload the template to WordPress and begin editing it. 


  1. Relatively Cheap.
  2. They are some really cool website design templates. 


  1. Some templates make it hard to implement SEO. 
  2. Limited Capabilities
  3. Very time consuming process. 
  4. You might sacrifice quality for price. 

Option 5: Paying a Free-Lancer (Low Cost)

You can always go to Guru, UpWork or Fiverr and look for a freelancer. Many of these websites range from all sorts of pricing. Outsourcing the development of your website is often a very common practice that can either go very good or not so good. 


  1. You get to make your website at a relatively low price
  2. You have multiple options to pick from
  3. Doesn’t take much time to start!


  1. You never know the outcome of the process. 
  2. Communicating your needs can be difficult when outsourcing work, especially when doing work abroad. 
  3. Sometimes these processes can end up being more expensive in the long-run. 
  4. You might sacrifice quality for price. 

Option 6: Paying a Web Development Agency or a Marketing Agency (Low-Medium Cost)

If you don’t want to compromise quality, then you can look for Web Development Agencies or Marketing Agencies that can charge you a moderate amount in order to produce a quality product. Always take the time to look at different options and check their credentials and portfolios. These prices can range all the way from $500 to $20,000+. 

At Zaperoco Media we have financial plans so you can pay month-to-month in order to get the most out of your website without hurting your pocket. Many agencies offer this as well, it is just a matter of looking online. 


  1. You get a quality product. 
  2. You are in the hands of experts. 


  1. A little more expensive than any of the other options

In conclusion, when thinking about how to build your own business website for free don’t forget that as you approach cheaper options you always sacrifice quality. When it comes to your business website you need to keep in mind this is a representation of your business and if done poorly it can affect your entire business. If done correctly, you’ll discover why many businesses have shifted many of their business online. Nevertheless, don’t stop thinking about going online, even though you have to create the website yourself. It is always worthy to have an online presence!